At 22, my stepdad, an ex-photojournalist, introduced me to photography giving me my first Leica camera. My initial focus was street photography documenting the Lower East Side where I was living in New York City. I’m self-taught and started out with black and white photography, developing my own prints.

Soon I heard the call, Go West Young Man, and hopped on a Greyhound Bus with $50 in my pocket. My destination, San Francisco, 1966. 

I initially hung out with members of the SF Mime troupe moving into their communal home and met Huey P. Newton who led me to the Oakland School Boycott that same year. 

Although over the years I have not focused on street photography as I did initially, my interest has been in documenting events and themes that enrich my visual life. With that in mind, I have selected a sample of photos that document the ever-evolving murals of the Mission, and portraits of people that play an important role in my life.